Mar 2014, PD Support Groups Guest Speakers

Many Northern and Central California Parkinson’s support groups have guest speakers or programs planned for March 2014.  Here’s what’s happening at a support group near you.

Please see the Stanford APDA’s list of PD support groups for the meeting location, day/time, contact info, and RSVP details (if an RSVP is required or preferred).

What does it mean if a support group you sometimes attend isn’t listed below?  It might mean that the group doesn’t have its regular meeting this month, or the group is having a social event.  Or it might mean that this month’s meeting doesn’t have a guest speaker.  Or it might mean that the guest speaker info didn’t arrive from the group in time to be added here.  Last but not least, it could mean that I messed up.  If you are not a regular attendee of a group, it’s always a good idea to call the group leader to confirm the meeting!  (Stanford APDA’s list of PD support groups includes group leader contact info.)

Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
Saturday, 3/1, 1-3:15pm  (guest speaker is 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker: Robert Leavitt, physical therapist, Santa Rosa
Topic:  LSVT BIG
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 3/3, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Terri Whitmeir, Hutchins Street Senior Center, Lodi
RSVP?:  No.

San Andreas (Calaveras County)
Tuesday, 3/4, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Debbie Nelson, ResCare HomeCare Services
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 3/4, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speakers:  Warren Hutson and StemGenic representative Rita Alexander
Topics:  Mr. Hutson’s experience with stem cell treatment and
hyperbaric oxygen chamber
RSVP?:  No.

Santa Cruz
Wednesday, 3/5, 12:30-2pm
Guest Speakers:  Two (human) representatives from Canine Companions
for Independence, along with service dogs
RSVP?:  No.

San Lorenzo (San Leandro)
Thursday, 3/6, 10-11:30am
Guest Speaker:  Cynthia Eaton
Topic:  Gentle movement for active aging
RSVP?:  No.

San Jose – Willow Glen
Friday, 3/7, 10am-noon  (program starts about 10:20am)
Guest Speaker:  Dedra Jize, OT, CSA, geriatric care manager, Law
Office of Roy W. Litherland, Campbell
Topic:  Life planning — having your affairs in order and what that may look like
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 3/7, 10:30am-noon
Program:  “Daily Living with PD” video
RSVP?:  No.

Ft. Bragg
Friday, 3/7, 2-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Peter Glusker, MD, neurologist
RSVP?:  No.

Saturday, 3/8, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Stephanie Camaroda, MSW, social worker
Topic:  Depression
RSVP?:  No.

Saturday, 3/8, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Karen Campbell, Home Link For Seniors, Walnut Creek
Topic:  When is the right time to look for placement
RSVP?:  No.

Yuba City (Tri-County)
Monday, 3/10, 1-2pm
Guest Speakers:  Shawn Christensen, PT, and Valarie Neil-Neits, OT
Topic:  Strengthening and stretching exercises for improved mobility
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 3/10, 2-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Susan Polesel, speech/language pathologist, Ukiah
Topic:  Swallowing Issues in PD
RSVP?:  Yes, preferred.  Contact Phil Myers, phone 707-263-4624,

San Francisco
Tueday, 3/11, 4:30-6pm
Guest Speaker:  Rima Ash, MD, movement disorder specialist, Kaiser
San Francisco
Topic:  Complementary alternative medicine and exercise
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto
Wednesday, 3/12, 2-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Geoffrey Kerchner, MD, PhD, behavioral neurologist,
Stanford Center for Memory Disorders
Topic:  What is Lewy Body Dementia?
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 3/13, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Georges Naasan, MD, neurologist, UCSF
Topic:  Hallucinations and Delusions in PD
RSVP?:  Yes, required.  RSVP to Joyce Sakai,,
phone 510-525-5166, or Grant Bennett, phone 510-234-5431.

Thursday, 3/13, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Melanie Brandabur, MD, movement disorder specialist,
The Parkinson’s Institute, Sunnyvale
Topic:  Living Well with Parkinson’s
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 3/13, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Matt Arnold, MD, movement disorder specialist, Sutter East Bay (changed since 3/1)
Topic:  Living Well with Parkinson’s:  Understanding PD and Current Therapies
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 3/14, 1-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Brian Terres, Medtronic
Topics:  DBS and Other Treatment Options for PD
RSVP?:  No.

Walnut Creek
Saturday, 3/15, 10am-noon  (guest speaker from 11am-noon)
Guest Speaker:  Loren Pedersen, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, pain management expert, and biofeedback therapist (change since 3/10)
Topic:  Dealing with Chronic Illness
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 3/17, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Love Miller, outreach specialist, CTAP
Topic:  California Telephone Access Program
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 3/18, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Empire Driving School
Topic:  Safe Driving
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 3/18, 1:30-2:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Laura Conrad, victim advocate, Placer County DA Victim Services
Topic:  Protecting Yourself from Criminal Elder Abuse
RSVP?:  No.

Sacramento – Arden
Thursday, 3/20, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Cathy Vincent, director of speech pathology, Vincent
Associates Speech Pathology
RSVP?:  No.

Mill Valley (Marin County) (updated as of 3/13)
Tuesday, 3/25, 1-3pm (Program is from 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker: Torri Campbell, Parkinson’s Dance Project
Program: Short video on PDP followed by a 30-40 minute dance class
RSVP?: No.

If you know of a PD support group meeting with a guest speaker, please pass the info along!