WSJ: Specialized Care Urged for Treating Parkinson’s Disease

This recent Wall Street Journal article notes that only 40-60% of Parkinson’s patients ever seek care from a movement disorders specialist. We are very lucky in Northern and Central California to have a large number of terrific PD specialists. If you need a referral to one, please contact the Stanford Information & Referral Center! Though we are located at Stanford, we don’t only offer Stanford physicians’ names. Also, we are aware of the hoops (or lack of hoops) people have to jump through to get a new patient appointment. And we know who is open to new patients, and who isn’t.

The value of seeing a movement disorders specialist is spelled out in the 5.5-minute audio clip that can be found online, next to the Wall Street Journal article. In short, you might be missing out if you see a general neurologist or primary care physician, and never see a movement disorders specialist.

Link: Specialized Care Urged for Treating Parkinson’s Disease