August 2013 – Parkinson’s Support Group Meetings, Guest Speakers or Programs, Northern and Central California

Many Northern and Central California Parkinson’s support groups have interesting speakers or programs lined up for August 2013.  Here’s what happening at a support group near you.

For support group meeting location, day/time, contact info, and RSVP details (if an RSVP is required or requested) for all Northern and Central CA support groups, see the Stanford Parkinson’s webpage.

What does it mean if a support group you sometimes attend isn’t listed below?  It might mean that the group doesn’t have its regular meeting this month, or the group is having a social event.  Or it might mean that this month’s meeting doesn’t have a guest speaker.  Or it might mean that the guest speaker info didn’t arrive from the group in time to be added here.  Last but not least, it could mean that I messed up.  If you are not a regular attendee of a group, it’s always a good idea to call the group leader to confirm the meeting!



Thursday, 8/1, 10-11:15am
Guest Speaker:  Nicklesh Thakur, DO, movement disorder specialist, Sutter Neuroscience, Sacramento
RSVP?:  Requested for this meeting.

San Jose – Willow Glen
Friday, 8/2, 10am-noon  (speaker starts at 10:20am)
Guest Speaker:  Diron Cassidy, MPT, Vortex Physical Therapy & Balance, San Jose
Topics:  How exercise can help Parkinson’s patients prevent falls, and how physical therapy can improve balance and gait
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 8/2, 10:30am-noon
Program:  Watch and discuss the video “PD: A Guide for Patients and Families”
RSVP?:  No.

Ft. Bragg
Friday, 8/2, 2-3pm
Program:  Question and answer session with local paramedic
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/6, 1:30-3pm
Program:  Sharing recent materials on PD research and treatment, and sharing recent newsletters from various PD and healthcare organizations.
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/6, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Genny Claxton, Empire Driving School
Topic:  Seniors and Safety
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/6, 1:30-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Linda Nowbar, registered dietitian, ANSR Pharmacy, Hollister
RSVP?:  No.

Santa Cruz
Wednesday, 8/7, 12:30-2pm
Guest Speakers:  Daniel Silvernail, architect; Casey Lewis, aging in place specialist, Talmadge Construction; and Larry Favor, general contractor
Topic:  Designing new construction and retrofitting existing construction to address safety concerns of the disabled and elderly
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 8/8, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Greg Hartwell, co-founder and CEO, Homecare California
Topic:  Technology for Aging in Place
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 8/8, 1:30-3pm
Program:  Discussion of tips for living with PD, and view the trailer for the new Michael J. Fox TV show
RSVP?:  No.

Saturday, 8/10, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Linda Weihofen, Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Walnut Creek
Topic:  Reverse mortgages
RSVP?:  No.

Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
Saturday, 8/10, 1-3:15pm (guest speaker is from 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker:  Dr. Deborah Ross-Swain, speech therapist and clinical director, and speech therapy staff, The Swain Center, Santa Rosa
Topic:  LSVT LOUD, which is designed for those with PD to help with soft voice, clearer speech, and swallowing
RSVP?:  No.

Yuba City (Tri-County)
Monday, 8/12, 1-2pm
Program:  Planning and scheduling dance classes for those with Parkinson’s
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto Young Onset (diagnosed at age 50 or younger)
Tuesday, 8/13, 6:30-8pm
Guest Speaker #1:  Katie Parafinczuk, DPT, physical therapist, Kaiser Redwood City
Topic:  Latest research on PD and exercise
Guest Speaker #2:  John Berdoulay, PT, physical therapist, Kaiser Redwood City, and creator of PD exercise class
Topic:  Exercise highlights from LSVT BIG and PWR!
RSVP?:  Yes, an RSVP is required if you are attending this meeting for the first time.

Palo Alto
Wednesday, 8/14, 2-3:30pm
Guest Instructor:  Larry Hovland, certified fitness trainer, and instructor of PD exercise course at Page Mill Y
Program:  Parkinson’s Exercise:  one hour plus of stretching, balance, and strengthening.  Standing or seated.  Bring two one-pound weights, if possible!
RSVP?:  No.

Walnut Creek
Saturday, 8/17, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Gary Turchin, poet, artist, storyteller and PD activist
Topics:  Creativity, depression, and managing PD creatively
RSVP?:  No.