Seeing a movement disorders specialist at Stanford and elsewhere, plus other great PD resources

Seeing a movement disorders specialist at Stanford and elsewhere, plus other great PD resources

The Stanford American Parkinson Disease Association Information & Referral (I&R) Center often receives calls or email inquiries about finding a movement disorder specialist, physical therapist, speech therapist, or other resources in Northern and Central California. Many people call us about making an appointment at Stanford. Read more about how to make an appointment at Stanford and how the I&R Center can help you.


To be seen by a movement disorder specialist at Stanford, you’ll need to ask your current neurologist to send to Stanford two things:

1. Referral Letter

Find a form letter here.

2. Your Neurological Records

The referral letter and records along with YOUR contact info can be faxed or emailed to Stanford:

Stanford Referral Center
650-723-6002 fax

The Stanford Movement Disorders Center will review your records and contact YOU about an appointment.

All of Stanford’s movement disorder specialists are available to see patients. You can learn about Stanford’s movement disorder specialists here:

Stanford Movement Disorders

In the referral letter, your current neurologist can request you be seen by a specific movement disorder specialist at Stanford along with a reason for this. If no preference is made, you will be offered the first available appointment with the movement disorders specialist most suitable to your circumstance (based on your medical records).

To reach the Stanford Neurology Appointment line, please call:

Stanford Neurology Appointments
option 2 for new patient appointments


We maintain a list of all movement disorder specialists in Northern and Central California. We don’t publish this list due to frequent changes as new specialists join medical centers, move away, have life changes, take leave, attend conferences, or start or continue research projects. Any list we publish would likely contain many errors!

If you are looking for a movement disorder specialist in our area, please reach out to us via phone 650-724-6090 or email.

Please let us know where you live and whether or not you are a Kaiser patient. We can provide a referral to a nearby movement disorder specialist. Rather than just giving you a phone number, we can also give you the ins-and-outs of making a new patient appointment.


Please see our list of PD support groups in Northern and Central California.

And please see our list of PD exercise classes.


We offer two main email lists:

  • Stanford PD Info: no more than four emails per month. We NEVER fundraise. One of our monthly emails is a list of Parkinson’s webinars. Another is a list of guest speakers at various PD support groups.
  • PD caregivers: as many emails per month as we’d like. Not all are PD-specific. One of our monthly emails is a list of caregiving webinars. We do listen to some of the webinars ourselves and email out notes from those.

Sign up for one or both of these email lists here.

Please let us know how we can assist you!