The Almanac: “Living with Parkinson’s disease – Local group helps women with Parkinson’s live life fully”

Excerpt:  “Susan Speicher has Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological disorder that, as of now, has no cure, but please don’t call her ‘the woman with Parkinson’s.’  ‘Parkinson’s isn’t who I am, it’s just something I have,’ she says. ‘I have gray hair, and a small dog, and Parkinson’s’.”

The Almanac, a newspaper for those living in the Menlo Park, CA area, had a nice article in November 2016 profiling Susan Speicher, who was diagnosed at age 62 with Parkinson’s.
The article addresses the value of local support groups and exercise classes.  For a list of local Parkinson’s support groups, including the Parkinson’s Women Support group that is mentioned in The Almanac article, see this list on Stanford’s Parkinson’s Community Outreach website.  And here’s our list of Parkinson’s-specific exercise classes.