“Multiple System Atrophy and Cognition” Webinar Scheduled for November 12th

“Multiple System Atrophy and Cognition” Webinar Scheduled for November 12th

Stanford University and Brain Support Network will be co-hosting another webinar next month on multiple system atrophy and cognition. The webinar is scheduled for Monday, November 12, 3-4pm. Please register in advance.

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) and Cognition

Monday, November 12, 2018, 3-4pm Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Kathleen Poston, MD, MS, movement disorders specialist, Stanford Movement Disorders Center

Dr. Poston will address these topics:

  • What are considered normal cognitive problems in MSA?
  • Can “cognitive impairment” be part of MSA?
  • Can “dementia” be part of MSA?
  • Are there MSA symptoms that can mimic dementia?
  • When should a diagnosis of “Lewy body dementia” be given? Does it make a difference?
  • What’s the treatment?

Register in advance for this (free) webinar: http://bit.ly/msawebnov18

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Further details on the speaker:

The speaker is Dr. Kathleen Poston, a movement disorders specialist at Stanford University. Dr. Poston research focuses on the development of novel neuroimaging biomarkers to improve diagnostic accuracy and monitor the efficacy of investigational treatments for Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders, such as PSP. She is the co-investigator for the NINDS- funded Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s Disease Research.

Further details on the webinar host:

The webinar will be hosted by Candy Welch, whose husband Bob had multiple system atrophy (MSA), confirmed through brain donation. She is on the Board of Brain Support Network, a nonprofit focusing on the four atypical parkinsonism disorders, including multiple system atrophy and Lewy body dementia. Candy has spoken about MSA brain donation at several national MSA conferences.

There will be time for questions-and-answers with Dr. Poston and Ms. Welch.

If you can’t make it on November 12th, we encourage you to register for the webinar so that you will be alerted when the recording is available online.

Brain Support Network, the co-organizer, will be posting notes from Dr. Poston’s presentation and the Q-and-A to its website within a few days of the webinar.


Please contact Robin Riddle, Stanford, phone 650-724-6090.

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