Feb 2019 – Parkinson’s Support Group Mtgs – Guest Speakers/Programs – Northern and Central California

Feb 2019 – Parkinson’s Support Group Mtgs – Guest Speakers/Programs – Northern and Central California

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Many Northern and Central California Parkinson’s Disease (PD) support groups meetings have speakers or discussion programs planned in February 2019.  See the list below of what’s happening near you…

Do you need to know the support group meeting location, day/time, contact info, and how to RSVP if required?  Please refer to the Stanford Parkinson’s website for all Northern and Central California support groups.

What does it mean if a support group you sometimes attend isn’t listed below?  Generally, it means that there is no speaker at the meeting.  So, it’s an open discussion format.

It might mean that the guest speaker info didn’t arrive from the group in time to be added here.  Or, it could mean that I messed up.  If you are not a regular attendee of a group, it’s always a good idea to call the group leader to confirm the meeting! (See this list for the group leader’s contact info.)

Keep your umbrellas handy and your valentines close,

Robin Riddle


San Jose/Willow Glen
Friday, 2/1, 10am-noon  (program begins about 10:15am)
Guest Speaker #1:  Todd Harris, Boston Scientific
Topic #1:  Advancements in DBS (deep brain stimulation) systems
Guest Speaker #2:  Neng Huang, MD, PhD, movement disorder specialist, Valley Parkinson Clinic, Los Gatos
Topic #2:  Experience with Boston Scientific system and patient selection criteria
RSVP?:  No.

Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
Saturday, 2/2, 1-3:15pm  (guest speaker 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker:  Donna Deng, MD, urologist, Kaiser Neuro-Urology
Topic:  The unruly bladder in PD
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 2/4, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Serena, The Bone Store, Stockton
Topic:  Demonstration of assistive devices
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 2/5, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Carolynn Washington, HICAP education outreach coordinator, Legal Services of Northern California, Sacramento
Topic:  Medicare, etc.
RSVP?:  No.

San Francisco Young Onset PD/UCSF
Tuesday, 2/5, 6:30-8pm
Guest Speaker:  Sharlene Schneier, everyBODYoga studio, San Francisco
Topic:  Yoga for PD and wellbeing
RSVP?  Yes to Monica Volz, UCSF, 415-353-7382
Note:  Wear comfortable clothing

Wednesday, 2/6, 1:30-3pm
Program:  Videos on cannabidiol (CBD) oil and discussion
RSVP?:  No.

Soquel/Santa Cruz
Wednesday, 2/6, 2-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Kristin Andruska, MD, movement disorder specialist, Parkinson’s Institute, Mountain View
Topic:  Causes, treatments, and current research
RSVP?:  No.

Wednesday, 2/6, 6:30-8pm
Guest Speakers:  Dawn Fischer, holistic health coach, and Tamara Gerlach
Topic:  Natural solutions for inflammation, pain, and cognitive health
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 2/8, 1:30-3:30pm  (guest speaker 2-3pm)
Guest Speaker:  Pam Watson, Valley Hearing Center
Topics:  Hearing loss and its connection to memory loss
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 2/8, 1-3:30pm  (discussion 1:30-3pm)
Discussion Topic:  Nutrition
RSVP?:  No.

Clovis (Greater Fresno)
Saturday, 2/9, 10am-noon
Guest Speakers:  Casey Halpern, MD, neurosurgeon, Stanford, and Perminder Bhatia, MD, neurologist, Fresno
Topic:  Advanced treatment for advanced PD and tremor – what to do when medications start failing
RSVP?:  No.

Saturday, 2/9, 10:30am-12:30pm
Guest Speaker:  John Vine, author, “A Parkinson’s Primer”
Topic:  Living with Parkinson’s
RSVP?  Yes, required to PD Active.  Email pdaforum@pdactive.org, phone 510-479-6119, or online
Note:  $10 suggested donation.

Yuba City (Tri-County)
Monday, 2/11, 1-2pm
Guest Speaker:  Physical therapist
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 2/12, 11:30am
Guest Speaker:  Colleen Magda, Sierra Ridge Memory Care
Topic:  Dementia
RSVP?:  No.

Pacific Grove (Monterey County)
Tuesday, 2/12, 3-4:30pm
Program:  Two discussion groups – people with Parkinson’s and care partners
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto Young Onset PD/Stanford
Tuesday, 2/12, 6:30-8pm
Guest Speaker:  Helen Bronte-Stewart, MD, director, Stanford Movement Disorders Center
Topic:  The latest in DBS for PD – Sensing brain rhythms enables personalized, closed loop deep brain stimulation
RSVP?  Required, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.  RSVP to group leader John Mamin, 650-248-7363.
Note:  Dinner will be provided.  (Arrive as early as 6:15pm.)

Union City
Tuesday, 2/12, 2:45-4pm
Guest Speaker:  Nancy Flores, Yoga for Parkinson’s instuctor
Topic:  The power of slow – restoring breath, posture, equilibrium, body wisdome, and outlook through yoga
RSVP?:  No.

Menlo Park/Little House
Wednesday, 2/13, 2-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Veronica Santini, MD, movement disorder specialist, Stanford
Topic: Constipation and Urination Issues in Parkinson’s
RSVP?  No.

Thursday, 2/14, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Marilyn Barnes, Senior Helpers
Topics:  Symptoms and caregiver interventions
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 2/14, 1:30-3pm
Program:  Two discussion groups – people with Parkinson’s and caregivers
RSVP?:  No.

Walnut Creek (Mt. Diablo)
Saturday, 2/16, 10am-noon  (speaker begins at 10:45am)
Guest Speaker:  Janice Ransley, MD (retired)
Topic:  Treasures on the library table – the value of books in helping those impacted by Parkinson’s
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 2/19, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Susan Feldman, Brightstar Care
Topic:  Longterm care insurance – when it’s right to use
RSVP?:  No.

Wednesday, 2/20, 1:30-3:30pm (speaker 1:40-2:25pm)
Guest Speaker:  Nicholas Szumski, MD, movement disorder specialist, Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles
Topic:  Duopa for advanced PD
RSVP?:  No.

Sacramento Post-Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)/UC Davis
Wednesday, 2/20, 2:30-4:30pm
Discussion Topic:  Planning for the future
RSVP?:  Yes, required.  Karla Lindstrom, UC Davis, 916-734-6282

Thursday, 2/21, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Shana Lemke, certified functional medicine wellness coach
Topic:  Rethinking wellness
RSVP?:  No.

Sacramento/Arden Arcade
Thursday, 2/21, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Jessica Kepes, OT, occupational therapist, Mercy San Juan
Topic:  What an OT can do for someone with Parkinson’s
RSVP?:  No.

Mountain View – Parkinson’s Institute Educational Seminar
Thursday, 2/21, 4-6pm
Guest Speaker:  Christopher Way, MD, movement disorder specialist, Parkinson’s Institute, Mountain View
Topics:  Deep brain stimulation; long-term complications of drug therapy and treatments; treatment of motor fluctuations and dyskinesia.
RSVP?:  Required by 2/18 to the Parkinson’s Institute.  Email, phone 650-770-0201, or online
Location:  El Camino Hospital, 2500 Grant Rd., Main Bldg. – Ground Floor, Conference Room E, Mountain View

Mill Valley (Marin County)
Friday, 2/22, 1-3pm  (guest speaker 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker:  Paul Larson, MD, neurosurgeon, UCSF
Topic:  Advances in gene therapy
RSVP?:  No.

Napa Young Onset PD
Sunday, 2/24, 3-5pm  (guest speaker 4-5pm)
Guest Speaker:  Doris Wang, MD, neurosurgeon, UCSF
Topic:  DBS for PD – past, present, and future
RSVP?:  No.