Finding Archived Parkinson’s-Related Webinars and Virtual Meetings

Finding Archived Parkinson’s-Related Webinars and Virtual Meetings

Lots of Parkinson’s disease (PD)-related organizations host webinars on various aspects of PD — usually symptoms or treatments.  Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach publishes monthly lists of these webinars and virtual meetings.  Lots of people ask us about finding the archived recordings.  Here’s a list of some PD organizations and recordings to their past webinars and virtual meetings.  Also included is a list to their current virtual offerings.

This list is grouped into three sections — major PD organizations that generally have a lot going on, other PD organizations that occasionally have virtual events, and non-PD organizations that occasionally have PD-related or Lewy body dementia-related events.

If you think we are missing an organization from one of these categories, let us know!  Contact Robin Riddle, Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach.


American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA)

The APDA has at least three webinar series.  You can find archived recordings here:

  •  Dr. Gilbert Hosts.  Movement disorder specialist Dr. Rebecca Gilbert talks with PD experts.
  • Let’s Keep Moving APDA  (Scroll down a bit)  This series focuses of fitness and exercise.  The presenters are physical therapists and other specialists at the APDA National Rehabilitation Resource Center for Parkinson’s Disease at Boston University.

  • Spotlight on PD

Davis Phinney Foundation (DPF)

DPF has at least three webinar series.  You can find archived recordings here:

Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF)

Parkinson and Movement Disorder Alliance (PMD Alliance)

  • PMD Alliance has eight virtual meeting series.  Most of their virtual meetings are recorded.  See the archives here.

Parkinson’s Foundation (PF)

PF has several webinar series:


These PD organizations have infrequent webinars and virtual events:

APDA Northwest – This group has a webinar series called “Take Control.”  Webinar recordings are posted to their YouTube channel.

Houston Area Parkinson’s Society (HAPS)  – Recordings are posted within a month or so on the HAPS YouTube channel. 

Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation (NWPF)

Parkinson Association of the Rockies (PAR) 
Occasionally hosts webinars, some of which are recorded.  If recordings are available, find them here

Parkinson Canada
Had a webinar series called “Knowledge Network.”  View the recordings here
Had an audio series on caregiving.  Listen to the recordings here

Parkinson Society British Columbia (PSBC) 
PSBC will be hosting two series in February 2021 — New Diagnosis and Speech, Swallow & Communication.

Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario 
Occasionally hosts webinars and virtual events, some of which are recorded.  If recordings are available, find them here

Parkinson’s Movement 

Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach  – Occasionally hosts webinars related to PD, Lewy body dementia, and the other atypical parkinsonism disorders.  Recordings are posted to the Stanford APDA YouTube channel

Twitchy Women – Hosts Sunday morning virtual meetings for women with PD.  The meeting recordings are available here.

World Parkinson’s Coalition – WPC hosts several webinar series.  In 2021, WPC is offering a dual-language series in English and Spanish, featuring bilingual PD experts.  Archived recordings of a care partner series from 2020 are posted here.  And archived recordings of a science series from 2019 are posted here.


These other non-PD organizations occasionally host webinars or virtual events that are related to PD or Lewy body dementia:

American Society on Aging (ASA) – Occasionally co-hosts PD-related webinars with the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute – Their webinars and virtual events are not generally recorded.  Occasionally they cover Lewy body dementia.

European Reference Network for Rare Neurological Diseases (ERN-RND)  – Their webinars are intended for clinicians and researchers.  They occasionally cover movement disorders.  Webinars are typically held early in the morning for California.

Hartford Healthcare Movement Disorders Center  – Occasionally hosts PD-related webinars, with limited attendance.

Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA) – Rarely hosts webinars.  Recordings are posted to the LBDA YouTube channel.