March 2017 Webinars About Parkinson’s

March 2017 Webinars About Parkinson’s

Businessman working from home in pajamasYou can participate in a web-based seminar — or webinar — from the privacy of your home.  Join either live or view the archived version within a few days of the live webinar (in most cases).  All webinars listed are free. ere are webinars that may be of interest to those with Parkinson’s in March 2017…

Tuesday, March 710:00-11:00am

“Diagnosis PD, Now What? Managing the First Few Years with Parkinson’s”

Program: “You have Parkinson’s.”  Most people with PD remember vividly the moment they heard those words. While a diagnosis is challenging, there are many things you can do early on to take charge and set a strong foundation for your journey with the disease.

Presenter: Suketu Khandhar, MD, Medical Director, Kaiser Permanente Northern California Movment Disorders Program.

Presented by the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation


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Wednesday, March 810:00-11:00am

“Spotlight on Addressing Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms-The Changing Landscape”

Program: Hear expert perspectives on how people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) address motor and non-motor symptoms. This program is designed to help people with PD, family members and care partners.

Presenter: David G. Standaert, MD, PhD, Chair of Neurology, University of Alabama, Birmingham,  School of Medicine; Chair, APDA Scientific Advisory Board 

Presented by the American Parkinson Disease Association


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Thursday, March 169:00-10:00am

“What’s the Alternative? What to Know about Complementary Medicine for Parkinson’s”

Program: Many questions surround complementary and alternative medicine approaches to Parkinson’s management. The panelists will discuss what to consider about acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, and diet, among other methods. Previously broadcast in May, 2015.

Presenters: Dave IversonDanny Bega, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology (Movement Disorders), Northwestern University, Feinberg  School of Medicine; Laurie Mischley ND, PhD, MPH, Associate Clinical Investigator, Bastyr University Research Institute

Presented by: The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research 


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