August 2017 – Parkinson’s Support Group Mtgs – Guest Speakers/Programs – Northern and Central California

August 2017 – Parkinson’s Support Group Mtgs – Guest Speakers/Programs – Northern and Central California


Many Northern and Central California Parkinson’s Disease (PD) support groups have a guest speaker or program planned for August 2017.  Here’s what’s happening at a support group near you…

Do you need to know the support group meeting location, day/time,
contact info, and how to RSVP if required?  Please refer to the Stanford
Parkinson’s website for all Northern and Central California support groups.

What does it mean if a support group you sometimes attend isn’t listed
below?  It might mean that the group doesn’t have a guest speaker or
specific program, the group doesn’t have its regular meeting this month,
the group has a social event, or that the guest speaker info didn’t
arrive from the group in time to be added here. Last but not least, it
could mean that I messed up.  If you are not a regular attendee of a
group, it’s always a good idea to call the group leader to confirm the
meeting!  (See the link above for the group leader’s contact info.)

Stay cool,
Robin Riddle


Tuesday, 8/1, 1:30-3pm
Discussion Topic:  What special attention is needed by those with PD
while traveling to/from holiday vacations and events
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/1, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Quinn Monsma, Medtronic Neuromodulation
Topic:  DBS and other treatment options for Parkinson’s
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto – Special seminar
Topic:  Parkinson’s Caregiving – Insights & Experience
Wednesday, 8/2, 2:30-4pm
Location:  Avenidas, 450 Bryant St., Palo Alto
Keynote Speaker:  Betsy Conlan, LCSW, social worker, Stanford Neuroscience
Plus:  Three panelists from our PD caregiver-only support groups and
audience questions
RSVP?:  Preferred (so we have enough refreshments and materials) to
Robin Riddle, Stanford, or Avenidas, 650-289-5400.

San Jose/Willow Glen
Friday, 8/4, 10am-noon  (speaker starts about 10:20am)
Guest Speaker:  Laurice Yang, MD, movement disorder specialist, Stanford
Topic:  Updates in PD treatment
RSVP?:  No.

Friday, 8/4, 10:30am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Jeri Williams, MD, movement disorder specialist, private
practice, Bakersfield
Topic:  Treating psychosis in PD
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/8, 2-4pm
Guest Speaker:  Betsy Koznin, RN
Topic:  Apokyn
RSVP?:  Yes to group leaders Linda Feist, 661-304-9227, or Bill
Burgemaster, 661-343-2707

Pacific Grove (Monterey County)
Tuesday, 8/8, 3-4:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Henry Marquez
Topic:  ADA compliant model
RSVP?:  No.

San Francisco/Kaiser
Tuesday, 8/8, 4:30-6pm
Guest Speaker:  Rima Ash, MD, movement disorder specialist, Kaiser
Topic:  Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto Young Onset Parkinson’s
Tuesday, 8/8, 6:30-8pm
Guest Speaker:  Katie Parafinczuk, DPT, physical therapist, Kaiser
Redwood City, and PD exercise instructor
Topic:  Parkinson’s exercise
RSVP?:  Yes, if this is your first time attending.  Please RSVSP to
Martha Gardner, group leader, by August 7th.

Palo Alto/Avenidas
Wednesday, 8/9, 2-3:30pm
Main Speaker:  Nikki Hochhauser, Home Instead Senior Care, Peninsula
Topics:  Senior care options, hiring in-home aides, and best practices
at home (protecting yourself and your belongings)
Other Short Presentations:  PD research going on at Stanford
RSVP?:  No.

Sonoma/Vintage House
Thursday, 8/10, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Colleen Fisher, National Parkinson Foundation, Bay Area
Topic:  Community programs and resources
RSVP?:  No.

Thursday, 8/10, 1:30-3pm
Discussion Topics:  How are your medications working for you?  What do
you need to tell the doctor?
RSVP?:  No.

Los Altos Young Parkinson’s
Saturday, 8/12, 10am-noon
Guest Speaker:  Aura Oslapas
Topic:  Application under development for those with PD
RSVP?:  No.

Santa Rosa (Sonoma County)
Saturday, 8/12, 1-3:15pm  (speaker from 1-2pm)
Guest Speaker:  Maya Katz, MD, movement disorder specialist, UCSF and
San Francisco VA
Topics:  Hospitalization and drug interactions
RSVP?:  No.

Yuba City (Tri-Counties)
Monday, 8/14, 1-2pm
Guest Speaker:  Amber Smith, SLP, speech therapist, Fountains Skilled
Nursing Facility
Topic:  Communication and swallowing issues in PD
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 8/14, noon-1:30pm
Program:  Panel of group members discussing various stages of PD
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/15, 10-11am
Guest Speaker:  Tuan Nguyen, pharmacist, Lincoln Pharmacy
Topics:  Medications and interactions for those with PD
RSVP?:  No.

Tuesday, 8/15, 1:30-3pm
Guest Speaker:  Eric Egli, PhD, clinical psychologist, Roseville
Topics:  Sleep issues and insomnia management in PD
RSVP?:  No.

San Jose/Berryessa
Wednesday, 8/16, 1-2:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Varsha Prabhakar, Stanford
Topic:  Study on HIV, Parkinson’s and aging
RSVP?:  No.

Sunnyvale DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation)
Wednesday, 8/16, 1:30-3:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Sharon Phamduong, DDS, dentist
Topic:  Senior dental care and PD
RSVP?:  No.

Palo Alto/Stanford
Wednesday, 8/16, 6-7:30pm
Spanish-language PD support group for open discussion
RSVP?:  Yes, required to TC Cowles, 650-721-8500, by noon on 8/16

Sacramento Post-Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)/Sutter
Wednesday, 8/16, 2:30-4:30pm
Program:  Conference review
RSVP?:  Yes, required to Sutter Neuroscience, 916-454-6936

Thursday, 8/17, 10am-noon
Guest Speakers: Elena Gomez and Amie Marchini
Topic: Grab-and-go emergency binder

Friday, 8/18, 1:30-3:30pm
Discussion Topic:  Importance of water in PD
RSVP?:  No.

Walnut Creek (Mt. Diablo)
Saturday, 8/19, 9am-noon  (panel 10:45am-11:45am)
Panelists:  Eloise Theisen, RN, founder, Green Health Consultants, and
Rebecca and Tim Byers, co-founders, Agathist Collective
Topic:  Medical marijuana and PD
RSVP?:  No.

Monday, 8/28, 7-9:30pm
Guest Speaker:  Priti Chitale, PT, physical therapist, Kaiser San Leandro
Topic:  Physical therapy for PD
RSVP?:  No.