October 2021 – Caregiver Webinars and other Virtual Events

October 2021 – Caregiver Webinars and other Virtual Events

Every month, Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach produces a list of Parkinson’s-related webinars and virtual meetings with speakers.  Here’s our October 2021 list. 

What’s the difference between a webinar and a virtual meeting?  A “webinar” has a handful of speakers at most, and attendees have both audio and video muted.  A “virtual meeting” usually allows attendees to be seen and heard.

We recommend you register NOW for anything of interest.  That way, if there’s a recording, as a registrant you’ll receive an email alerting you to the recording availability. Also, note that a few webinars have registration deadlines well in advance of the webinar dates.

Stanford Parkinson’s Community Outreach will try to attend as many of these events as possible and share our notes.  Our notes about PD webinars are often posted here to our blog. We email our notes to the “Stanford PD Info” and “PD Caregivers” email lists, depending on the relevance to those audiences.

We publish to our blog an additional caregiver-specific webinar and virtual event list, which is sent to those on our “PD Caregivers” list.  That list includes some events not included here since those events are for caregivers only.

If you are a caregiver to someone with PD, we encourage you to be added to our “PD Caregivers” email list.  

Unless indicated, the webinar and virtual meetings listed below are:

  • Times listed as PT. (We are based in California, after all.)
  • One-hour in duration.  We suggest you join five minutes before the official start-time.  (Usually, the speaker talks for 30-40 minutes and there’s a question-and-answer session for the remaining time.)
  • For a general audience.  (Again, caregiver-specific events are on our other list.)
  • Not focused on a single medication or single, branded treatment. (Those are excluded.)
  • Free.

After that long preamble, here’s our list of PD-related webinars and virtual meetings in October 2021…

– Denise

Tuesday, October 5, 8am

Lewy Body Dementia: A Tale of Two Lewies


In this teleconference, care partners will gain an understanding of LBD and how to find support, education, and resources across the evolving stages.

Speaker:  Julia Wood

Host:  WellMed Caregiver Teleconnection

Register with WellMed Caregiver Teleconnection here.

The teleconference will be recorded and posted to the Caregiver Teleconnection website.

Wednesday, October 6, 1pm

Communication Strategies: Talking to People with Dementia


Learn why miscommunication is so common when caring for someone with dementia, and what communication strategies families and caregivers can embrace to work around these issues.


Alyson Kuhn, co-author of “I hear you: Talking and listening to people with Alzheimer’s”

Catherine Madison, MD, neurologist

Host:  Seniors at Home

Register here.

This event will not be recorded.

Wednesday, October 13, 4pm

The Sandwich Generation: Stuck In The Middle


The “sandwich generation” caregivers are adult children who are caring for their elderly parents and at the same time raising their own children.  They are “sandwiched” in-between taking care of two generations. 

Speaker:  Tami Anastasia, MA, CSA

Hosts:  Vista Terrace of Belmont and Meadow Gardens of Menlo Park

Call Vista Terrace between 8:30a-5p at 650-295-0735 to register and receive the Zoom link for the webinar.

This event will not be recorded.

Tuesday, October 26, 6am-1:30pm

Duke Caregiver Community Event


A free virtual event in which attendees will be able to participate in 20+ virtual sessions and interact with 50 exhibitors including two keynote speakers.  Enhance the knowledge and skills to make you a better caregiver. Learn about resiliency to care for yourself and connect with local experts and organizations that can help you on this journey.

Multiple speakers

Hosts:  Dementia Alliance of North Carolina

See the agenda here.

Register here.